New project development

HeartRails is a development company specializing in the planning, development, and operation of the web services and smart phone apps that go along with the launch of a new project. We have been developing various hit services for over 10 years since our founding.

In the process of developing a new project, we quickly launch a prototype using Ruby on Rails or React, and continue development while constantly sharing ideas about the finished product. Of course, we are flexible about changes in plans and specs throughout the development process.

A new project is influenced by the market and the timing of the launch, and is not guaranteed to succeed. However HeartRails never fails at development. Your project is safe with us.

Compatible with multiple devices

Websites The biggest advantage of a website is that it can be widely used on everything from PCs to smart phones at minimum cost. Thanks to PWAs and SPAs, recently more websites have achieved UI/UX rivaling smart phone apps.

Using a basis of responsive designs that don't depend on image resolution or size, HeartRails is flexible enough to handle everything from general websites to PWAs/SPAs.
Smart phone apps We mainly develop iOS and Android apps. We are have the flexibility to cater to your needs for everything from legacy devices/ OS to the latest devices/ OS.

Because developing in the native language for each platform sometimes inflates costs and increases the maintenance work load, we can also develop with cross-platform frameworks using React Native or Flutter for clients who want to keep costs down when launching a new smart phone app.
IoT We can develop systems for IoT devices. We mainly develop in C, C++, and Java languages based on MQTT protocol. For the purpose of stable IoT device operation, the most important thing is not the individual devices, but the entire system and network architecture surrounding the devices.

Using the technical skills we have cultivated, we will support you starting with the selection of architecture that can handle the performance and security demanded of IoT devices.

Compatible with cutting edge technology

Server side If the client has no special language or framework requests, we currently do most of our development with Ruby on Rails or Node.js.

However, HeartRails is always looking out for new languages and frameworks and proactively incorporating superior languages and frameworks. On the server side, we can also develop in the Scala, Elixir, and Go languages and their corresponding frameworks, so feel free to discuss this with us as needed.
Front end HeartRails works proactively on PWAs and SPAs. In fact, over 50% of the websites we develop are derived from PWAs/SPAs.

Sometimes server side rendering is also required to reduce first access load times and for SEO and OGP. HeartRails is flexible and can take everything from an Isomorphic approach to a headless browser approach.
AI We can use AIs with machine learning (such as deep learning) to optimize or automate the flow your business requires.

AIs are not almighty, and building a superior AI requires a massive amount of data to be used for learning. Optimization (increased precision) and automation (recognition, diagnosis, prediction) are an AI's strengths. At HeartRails, we start by asking for the details of the client's business flow to help find the best areas for AI use.
Blockchain Blockchain and smart contracts are currently used mainly for trading cryptocurrency, but their applications are gradually expanding. In medicine, real estate, and large organizations, data transparency is demanded and contracts accompany transactions. Blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to completely change the existing systems in these fields.

HeartRails proactively supports clients considering using blockchain or smart contracts, mainly on the technical side.

IT consulting

HeartRails also offers consulting regarding the various troubles that come with development, not just the development itself.

CTO / VP of Engineering

CTO / VP of Engineering

For clients who have not yet hired enough (senior) engineers or engineering managers, we can take on or aid in the responsibilities of a CTO and VP of Engineering.

It is common especially in early startups for a core engineer to shoulder the responsibility of both these positions. In most cases the engineer is unable to do it all alone and various tasks get postponed. That is where we come in.



For clients who have engineers but are not seeing much progress with their development or growth with their projects, we can take on or aid in the responsibilities of project management and product management.

There are various factors that can hinder development and product growth. We organize and prioritize those factors, then carefully resolve them one by one. We also determine which direction to move in and establish it within the organization to encourage autonomous action and growth.

Technical consulting

Technical consulting

We can help you transition from your legacy development system to a modern development system through a repeated process of reviewing and giving advice on your development process, architecture, and actual code. (Please inquire about the development languages and infrastructures we can work with.)

We not only just give technical tips, but also proactively help train your development team and cultivate a culture of facing technical issues and liabilities in a healthy way.