Turn your ideas to reality.

What we are

We’re a software design and development consultancy that builds custom web and mobile applications.
We provide a way to turn your ideas to real applications, and lead them to success.

Our experience and skills

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

We frequently use Ruby on Rails as a backend of application. Our engineers have more than 10 years experience with Ruby on Rails.

Node.js / Express / koa / Socket.IO

We use Node.js and its frameworks when real-time messaging or server-side rendering of JavaScript application is required.

React / Vue.js

For better performance and user experience, we often build an application as a single page application, with React or Vue.js.

iOS / Xcode / Objective-C / Swift

We build native iOS applications, with the latest guidelines and technologies from Apple. We also have expertise in ASO.

Android / Java / Kotlin

We build native Android applications, with the latest guidelines and technologies from Google. We also have expertise in ASO.

Cloud / AWS / GCP

We deploy applications on Cloud, especially AWS and GCP. We have been certified as a consulting partner for AWS.

Project Management

Depending on project requirements, we choose an appropriate management method from Agile, Waterfall, Lean and Scrum, so that we can build an application on time and on budget.

Case Studies


E-Commerce is one of our specialty. We design want-to-buy and easy-to-buy interfaces, and develop them robust and secure.

The sales of applications we built are growing and growing.

Real Estate

We often build a real estate application. We design it easy-to-search and SEO friendly.

Music Player

Entertainment is our another specialty.

For instance, we built a music player on both of iOS and Android. It was featured on App Store, and got Best Apps on Google Play.

A/B Testing Tool

We built a lot of tools that contribute to productivity.

A/B Testing Tool is one of them. Many clients execute an A/B Test with the tool, and make good use of its result.

We’d love to work with you.

If you have ideas difficult to realize or problems difficult to solve, please don't hesitate to send us an email.

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